Mother of Monsters Kickstarter is Live!

Join us on a mythic journey with the Mother of Monsters, the Awakening of Naehurdamia, a Greek-inspired 5e adventure path and campaign guide on Kickstarter. Explore ancient ruins, influence politics between city-states, battle classic and re-imagined mythic monsters, and become heroes of legend!

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This 5th Edition adventure takes heroes from 1st to 15th level, and pits them against the minions of the Mother of Monsters. In this epic struggle the adventurers fight mythical beasts and dark cults, make epic voyages, and delve into the Underworld. If they survive their mythical journey they face off against Naehurdamia herself in a heart-stopping battle that elevates their legend to demigod status!

The book for the Mother of Monsters adventure path is approximately 350 pages of excellent Greek-inspired gaming broken down into 8 chapters of content. Each chapter has a beginning and a clearly defined end, so they can be played as part of an ongoing campaign or separated and inserted into other campaigns. Whether using milestones or experience points to level characters, there is more than enough content to smoothly keep the adventurers on track.

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